We’re hosting a live demo

Check this out. We’re going to be hosting a live 30 minute demo on our industry-leading accounting and transaction product. It’s called brokerWOLF. The cool thing about this kind of demo is that you don’t need to speak with a Sales Rep. This is a nuts and bolts introduction into the product with no conversations attached.

What will we be showing you in the demonstration?

That brokerWOLF is built for real estate and nothing else

  • The 4 main components of the product: accounting, transactions, membership, and business intelligence
  • How these components work together to support your real estate brokerage
  • How we can help you improve your business’ day-to-day and long-term outlook 

“It gives me all the information I need of how our production is measuring up year over year, and during the year on a month-to-month basis. We can find out exactly where we are compared to where we were last year—what’s working, what’s not…and it gives us the ability to see exactly where we are at any given time with our business.”

Bernie Roth, Broker of Record/Owner, Century 21 B.J. Roth Realty, Ltd.

Strategic Accounts Executive