Group Webinar

Cybersecurity for Real Estate

Wednesday, April 10, 2018
2:00PM - 2:30PM ET

According to the 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, 58% of small and medium-sized businesses have experienced a cybersecurity attack in the last 12 months. Everyone is a target, not just big corporations.

But what does cybersecurity mean for real estate?

Join us as we take you on a crash course in cybersecurity for real estate brokerages. In 30 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • What the greatest threats are to your real estate brokerage
  • How to identify and avoid phishing and ransomware attempts
  • The key to building bulletproof passwords
  • How to protect yourself and your business for the long term

Don’t miss this great opportunity to see how you can keep your data safe. We hope to see you there!

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Join our webinar to learn about cyber threats and how you can protect your brokerage!